A marketing strategy which uses the digital channels to reach the potential audience of any business is known as digital marketing. There are many channels such as emails, web applications, social media, search engines and mobile apps which are used under digital marketing depending on the nature of your business.

It is interesting to know that digital marketing as a concept was launched more than 100 years ago when the first radio was invented. Digital marketing has been around for decades, but the concepts like content marketing, social media, Google ads, or retargeting were missing.

From creating a foundation for your business to attracting prospects and nurturing relationships, a perfect digital marketing strategy plays a vital role in developing customer loyalty and making relevant offers to the customers.

Today, digital marketing has replaced traditional marketing with its versatility to reach target audience precisely. Do you know, most of the purchase decision begins online?

More than 2/3 shoppers browse online. 76% of baby care product shoppers purchase online atleast once or twice a month. The best thing is more than 1/3 purchases made online are impulse buys and the credit for this goes to the digital marketing.

As we know, digital marketing is a systemized approach of targeting your audience precisely. Effective digital marketing strategies need in-depth knowledge and analytical skills. A digital marketer is a professional who has in-depth knowledge and required qualifications about digital marketing which are beyond basic marketing strategies.