CakePHP is an exceptionally enhanced PHP framework that empowers object-oriented programming to produce future rich web applications supporting the MVC structure. Web applications created with the CakePHP framework have an exceptionally robust performance and can be effectively extemporized utilizing different plugins. CakePHP specialists at DevelopHatch have a lot of experience in offering user friendly and responsive web applications to business owners and therefore, help them in taking their game a step higher.

Our CakePHP assets at DevelopHatch are well versed with object-oriented programming and MVC, and capable of using those for interpretation, validations and database access. Throughout the years we have built up a scope of CakePHP solutions for various verticals of enterprises and organizations. Our in-house CakePHP development team specialize in implementing security features like CSRF (Cross site request forgery) protection, form tampering protection, input validation and cross site scripting prevention for complete safety and security of your web applications. Thus, providing questionless security measures to your solutions.