The development stage of a project is when we really start to see tangible things happening. At ComputerMinds we’re used to coming onboard at various stages during the development process be that right at the beginning, building everything from scratch through to inheriting existing code and going from there. In this section, we give a brief overview of some of the ways we might be able to help.

Entire Site Builds

A lot of our development work here at ComputerMinds revolves around the entire site builds, often with us being involved in the creation of the functional specification in some way beforehand and maybe even the design process! As Drupal is an open-source CMS we do as much of the heavy lifting we can using code from the community, this has the huge advantage of reducing development overheads. We can then focus solely on your specific requirements writing bespoke code to get things working just the way you want them! All of our code follows the well established Drupal coding standards meaning that it is fully extendable and there is no vendor lock-in.

Bespoke Modules

Whilst many generic tasks can be accomplished with Drupal using code from its wide and active community of developers. Drupal’s modular structure makes it easy to plug new functionality in as and when needed and it is often the case that some custom code will be required to meet some of your requirements and this is where ComputerMinds come in! We’re happy to just work on individual modules or a selection of modules bespoke to you. Because of Drupal’s modular structure, there’s no need to for us to have touched any of the other code in your site so you can come to us at any stage!

Frontend Development

It is often easy to spend so long focusing on the technical side of the development process that the frontend side of things gets taken for granted. At ComputerMinds we realize the importance of proper, modern frontend technologies such a SASS when it comes to streamlining the development process as well as making it much more robust. Gone are the days of unwieldy CSS, now we take a much more considered approach when it comes to how things look and feel from a coding point of view, from style through to a bit of jQuery to get you user experience working just the way you want!

Third-Party Integrations

When it comes to developing your Drupal website it is often the case that you want this to marry other systems as seamlessly as possible. This might be something as routine as tying in a third party payment gateway through to something more complex such as complete integration with your current CRM or ERP tools. At ComputerMinds we have a wealth of experience when it comes to integrating the existing systems that our clients use, including those that are very well documented through to those that need a little more digging around to figure things out. We’re always happy to take on a new challenge!